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Access to quality DBT services remains a significant barrier for many people in Ontario. Our goal is to increase the accessibility of DBT throughout Ontario by providing convenient and affordable therapy services. We eliminate the barriers that travel, long wait times, and high fees of in-person services can create for our clients. We work collaboratively with external healthcare providers (i.e. physicians and therapists) to promote the best outcomes for your clients/patients. Whether you are referring them for individual and/or group DBT services, we're here to help.

Why refer to DBT Virtual? We're a team of qualified, compassionate therapists that have advanced training, expertise and passion in delivering DBT. In accordance with best practices in DBT we engage in regular consultation to promote fidelity to DBT delivery and optimize client outcomes in therapy.

Referrals: Text

Referral Form

Referrals: Files

Referring to DBT Virtual

Complete and send the referral form below via fax (289-203-2380) or email ( Upon receiving referral forms we will follow up with your client/patient with details about our services. Please note that we also accept self-referrals.

Download Here

Referral Resources

Below is our flyer which outlines brief details about our DBT services. We ask that you please consider sharing this flyer with clients/patients and other healthcare providers to help us reach those who could benefit from our services.

Download Here

Interested in additional resources (i.e. referral pads, information sheets) to support the referral process for your clients/patients? Contact us with the details of your request.

In-Service Presentations

Invite a DBT Virtual representative to introduce your team to the foundations of DBT, expand your understanding on when to refer your clients/patients and provide an in-depth overview of our services and referral process. Contact us with the details of your request.

Referrals: FAQ
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