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DBT therapy provided online at home to people in Calgary, Alberta

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Online

DBT from the comfort of your home

Available throughout Nova Scotia

DBT Nova Scotia: Welcome
Mental health therapist providing DBT therapy to a person in Calgary, Alberta

Do you often find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster, struggling to get a hold of strong urges and stay in control? We help people with intense emotions, self-defeating thoughts and unhealthy behaviours that get in the way of them feeling and functioning at their best. We're a team of therapists specializing in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), and we're here to help you untangle longstanding patterns so that you can take back control over your emotions and live a more meaningful life.

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What is DBT and how can it help?

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) has proven to be an effective treatment for people with difficulties managing intense emotions, including those with anxiety, depression or borderline personality disorder. If you struggle to manage extreme emotions, get through distressing situations or maintain stable relationships, DBT may be suitable for you.

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Effective | Convenient | Affordable

Providing DBT in major cities across Nova Scotia including Halifax and more

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Individual DBT Therapy

In individual therapy sessions your DBT therapist will work diligently to support you in applying DBT skills in your daily life while addressing any obstacles that interfere with your goals. You'll learn to understand yourself better so that you can navigate difficult emotions and relationships and cope more effectively with everyday problems. Skills coaching phone calls in-between sessions are available to help you apply DBT skills to situations outside of the therapy session. There is a fee for service. Receipts are provided for reimbursement through your health benefits.

DBT Skills Groups

Our online DBT skills groups are carefully designed to provide you with effective coping strategies to help you manage emotional and interpersonal difficulties. Participants learn to use DBT techniques including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. There is a fee for service. Receipts are provided for reimbursement through your health benefits.

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Book a free consultation to see if DBT is right for you

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Providing DBT in major cities across Nova Scotia 
including Halifax and more

DBT Nova Scotia: Hours
Ontario Social Workers specializing in DBT therapy
Ontario Social Workers specializing in DBT therapy
Nova Scotia Social Workers specializing in DBT therapy
British Columbia Social Workers specializing in DBT therapy
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DBT therapists on Psychology Today

Our DBT therapists are regulated and members with the organizations above.

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