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Consultation & Training

Our team of DBT experts have trained mental health professionals internationally in hospital, community and university settings. Our trainers have extensive DBT training and experience on adherent DBT teams. We offer 1:1 consultation and supervision, workshops and program implementation. Our goal is to enhance the skills of mental health professionals and programs to promote more effective delivery of DBT.

Consultation & Supervision

Single or recurring sessions for mental health professionals and teams, to support DBT learning and case conceptualization.

DBT Mentorship


Our experiential, practicum-like program involving shadowing and mentorship opportunities as you work towards co-facilitating a DBT group.

Training &


Custom training for teams and organizations, on topics related to DBT, Borderline Personality Disorder and more.

DBT ​Program


For those seeking to build a DBT-adherent or DBT-informed clinic or practice, and/or embed DBT principles in their service provision.

Consultation & Training: Files

DBT Training Topics

🔹  The functions and modes of DBT treatment.

🔹  Assessing client suitability for DBT and enhancing commitment in pre-treatment.

🔹  Case conceptualization for a client participating in DBT-informed treatment. 

🔹  Structuring 1:1 DBT sessions and skills groups.

🔹  DBT skills and modules, and how to go beyond skills teaching in 1:1 sessions.

🔹  The function of the DBT consultation team and team roles.

🔹  The difference between comprehensive DBT and DBT-informed treatment and programs.

🔹  Offering phone coaching and how to promote its use.

🔹  Using chain and solution analyses to promote behavioural change.

🔹  Procedures to elicit change, commitment and engagement in therapy.

🔹  When and how to engage family members in treatment.

🔹  Anything else DBT related you are curious to learn more about!

Consultation & Training: Insurance
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