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DBT Skills Group

Our online 12-week DBT skills groups are designed to provide you with

effective, practical coping strategies to help you manage emotional and interpersonal difficulties. Open to adults (18+) and adolescents (14-17) in

Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia, we have new groups starting monthly and no waitlist.

All group participants gain access to exclusive DBT materials and educational videos designed by our DBT experts to support your coping skills practice.

DBT Skills Groups: Text

Adult (18+)
DBT Skills Group

Starting June 2024
Tuesdays at 6:30pm (ET)/
4:30pm (MT)/ 7:30pm (AT)

June 25-Sep 17, 2024

12-weeks for 1-2 hours


Open to:

Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta & Nova Scotia

DBT Skills Group

Starting in June 2024

Thursdays at 6:30pm (ET) / 4:30pm (MT) / 7:30pm (AT)

For graduates of DBT

June 27-Sep 26, 2024

12 weeks for 1-2 hours


Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta & Nova Scotia

Contact to Register

DBT Skills Group

Contact us to join the waitlist for the next adolescent group program.

Ages 14-17

12-weeks for 1-2 hours


Open to:

Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta & Nova Scotia

Sliding scale rates available upon request for those who require financial assistance.

DBT Skills Groups: Price List

What coping skills will I learn?


Skills that enhance present moment focus, reduce judgmental thoughts, increase self-compassion and create greater discernment when making decisions.



Skills that help to reduce intense emotions and accept the reality during distressing moments, so that you can get through overwhelming situations by tolerating the distress rather than avoiding it.



Skills that increase your capacity to acknowledge and accept your emotions, reduce unpleasant emotions (i.e. anxiety, anger, shame) and increase the frequency of pleasant ones.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Skills that improve relationships, communication and interactions with others, while enhancing your ability to navigate challenging interpersonal situations.

DBT Skills Groups: Files

Why choose our DBT program?

DBT Skills Groups: Clients


The program taught DBT skills that were valuable, practical and relevant to the difficulties I experience.



The DBT skills introduced properly prepared me for managing emotions and relationship problems.



I feel more confident in my knowledge and application of DBT skills after taking this program.



I would recommend this DBT program to others who are looking to manage their emotions and relationships more effectively.

Results from over 100 feedback surveys from previous participants.

Ontario Social Workers specializing in DBT therapy
Ontario Social Workers specializing in DBT therapy
Nova Scotia Social Workers specializing in DBT therapy
British Columbia Social Workers specializing in DBT therapy
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DBT therapists on Psychology Today

Our DBT therapists are regulated and members with the organizations above.

DBT Skills Groups: Clients
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