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Krista Olson

Registered Social Worker | She/Her
Available in ON, AB, NS and SK

Krista Olson: Hours
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Krista Olson, MSW grounds her work in being authentic and intentional in her presence with others. She describes herself in therapy as authentic, safe, insightful, present, grounded, deeply intuitive, non judgmental, honest, open-hearted and someone who “walks their talk”. Her clients see her as a therapist that they can journey through challenging experiences with, while also having a good laugh along the way. She loves the simplicity, practicality and effectiveness of the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills, which she believes give people the tools to take action in building their best life. 

Krista received her Master of Social Work (MSW) at Dalhousie University and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from the University of Regina. She completed an intensive 16-month DBT training with Behavior Tech, and has previously led a DBT team and program implementation at a mental health and addictions clinic. Krista brings decades of experience in the field of mental health and addictions, and is a forever learner and lover of all life adventures. In her spare time Krista loves to be in nature, wandering harmoniously with her cocker spaniel, reading, practicing yoga, sipping tea by the fire, gardening and deeply nourishing her relationship with herself and loved ones.

Krista Olson: About Me

Favourite DBT Skill

"One-mindfully - doing one thing in the moment. In this very busy world that we live in, this is the skill that grounds me and keeps me in the present, and supports us with our mindfulness and wise mind practices."

Krista Olson: Text
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