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Kennan Gregory

Care Coordinator | She/Her

Kennan Gregory: Hours
Kennan DBT therapy.png

Kennan Gregory, B.A. is extremely passionate about mental health care and awareness. She aims to support individuals with finding the help they need and reduce stigma around mental illness and reaching out for help. Kennan is known for quickly building rapport with the individuals she works with and helping them feel supported, understood and accepted in their mental health recovery journey. Kennan is enthusiastic about working for a virtual Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) practice where she plays an important role in coordinating timely and convenient access to mental healthcare services. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, going for walks and camping.

Kennan Gregory: About Me

Favourite DBT skill:

"Cope ahead is my favourite skill as it provides a helpful way to cope in advance with anticipated difficulties, and allows me to be more effective when handling day-to-day stressors."

Kennan Gregory: Text
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