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Substance Use Therapy

Has someone expressed concern about your substance use? Do you struggle with urges to use substances when feeling stressed or emotionally overwhelmed? We understand the challenges that individuals and families face when dealing with substance use and addiction. Our Dialectical Behaviour Therapy program is designed to treat substance use and addictions, by helping you gain the tools to navigate life's challenges without the reliance on substances. 

Options for therapy include:

Substance Use Therapy: Welcome




Substance Use Therapy: Clients

Why DBT for substance use?

Substance Use Therapy: Welcome

Substance use and addiction is a complex problem that can be difficult to solve alone but can be treatable with therapy. 

🔹  Create better communication, connection or intimacy.

🔹  Manage and express your emotions better and understand causes of emotion dysregulation.

🔹  Learn how to influence, reinforce and shape positive changes in others’ behaviours.

🔹  Use validation and reduce defensiveness to resolve conflict sooner.

Our trained therapists work collaboratively with you to develop coping strategies, enhance motivation for change, and foster personal growth, to support you in your recovery from substance use problems.

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Our Programs

Substance Use Therapy: Welcome
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Couples Therapy

Resolve conflicts, improve intimacy, and foster connection in your relationship.

Family Therapy

Improve family dynamics by learning how to manage emotions and communicate more effectively with one another.

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Parent Therapy & Coaching

Receive guidance on how to best manage the emotional and behavioural difficulties of your child (of all ages), while managing your own responses.

DBT Skills Training

Learn the DBT skills as a couple, family, individual or in a group, to promote better emotion regulation and communication with others.

Supportive Friend

Covered by most extended health benefits.

Substance Use Therapy: Services

Book a free consultation to see if DBT is right for you

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