Online DBT Skills Groups

Our online 12-week DBT skills groups are carefully designed to provide you with effective coping strategies to help you manage emotional and interpersonal difficulties. Participants learn to use DBT techniques including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. Participants will be provided with learning materials and are expected to complete weekly skills homework assignments. The program is open to adults (18+) in Ontario and will include up to 10 participants. The group will be facilitated by a Registered Social Worker and receipts for insurance purposes can be made available upon request.

January-April, 2021 | Mondays from 6-8pm

Date: Beginning January 11-April 12, 2021 (excluding statutory holidays)

Registration: Closed (Contact to join waitlist)

February-May 2021 | Tuesdays from 6-8pm

Date: Beginning February 16-May 4, 2021

Registration: Closed (Contact to join waitlist)

Adolescent Group | Thursdays from 6-8pm

Details: 12-week DBT skills group for adolescents (14-18 years old) + one parent

Date: TBD

Cost: TBD

Registration: Contact to join waitlist

More Groups Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more upcoming groups! 
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What coping skills will I learn?


Skills that enhance present moment focus, reduce judgmental thoughts, increase self-compassion and create greater discernment when making decisions.



Skills that help to reduce intense emotions and accept the reality during distressing moments, so that you can get through overwhelming situations by tolerating the distress rather than avoiding it.



Skills that increase your capacity to acknowledge and accept your emotions, reduce unpleasant emotions (i.e. anxiety, anger, shame) and increase the frequency of pleasant ones.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Skills that improve relationships, communication and interactions with others, while enhancing your ability to navigate challenging interpersonal situations.


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