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Dylan Zambrano

Registered Social Worker | He/Him

Dylan Zambrano: Hours
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Dylan Zambrano is the Founder and Clinical Director of DBT Virtual. He has experience working with a DBT team within an outpatient hospital clinic and has experience providing DBT consultation and supervision to other therapists. Dylan is also passionate about enhancing resilience amongst healthcare professionals through mindfulness and is a faculty mindfulness instructor with University of Toronto and formerly with Laurier University.

Dylan Zambrano: About Me

Favourite DBT Skill

As a mindfulness educator I've always been a proponent of mindfulness practice. One of my favourite DBT mindfulness skills is Observe. Observing our experiences strengthens our capacity to readily notice and be with difficulty. It is in this space of awareness that we have the agency to respond more effectively. I believe observing is the first step to changing habitual responses to the things happening around us and within us.

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Meet the DBT Virtual Team

Dylan Zambrano: Team Members
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Dylan Zambrano, MSW RSW

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